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2019-2020 CITAMS Newsletter Co-Editors

Anabel Quan-Haase, Western University
Dennis Ho, Western University
Claudia Jiang, Western University

2018-2019 CITAMS Newsletter Co-Editors

Ian Sheinheit, University at Albany, SUNY
Julie Wiest, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Brooke Dinsmore, University of Virginia

2017-2018 CITAMS Newsletter Co-Editors

Ian  Sheinheit, University at Albany, SUNY
Barry Wellman, NetLab Network and Ryerson University

2014-2015 CITASA Newsletter Editorial Team

Senior Scholar Article: Jenny L. Davis, James Madison University

Recent Publications: Guang Ying Mo, University of Toronto

Dissertation Profiles: Elizabeth Schwarz, University of California, Riverside

Announcements: Robyn Keith, University of Texas at Austin

Layout: Penn Pantumsinchai, University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa


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