2019 Election Results

Chair-Elect: Sarah Sobieraj, Tufts University

Secretary/Treasurer: Dustin Kidd, Temple University

Council Members: James Witte, George Mason University & Matthew H. Rafalow, Google

Nominations Committee: Shantel Gabrieal Buggs, Florida State University

Bylaws Amendment: Amendment specifying the roles of section officers and institutes section financial planning was approved.

2018-2019 Council

Chair: Deanna Rohlinger

Past Chair: Wenhong Chen

Chair Elect: Anabel Quan-Haase

Secretary-Treasurer: Mito Akiyoshi

Council Member: Apryl Williams

Council Member: Timothy Recuber

Nominating Committee: Jeffrey Lane

Nominating Committee: Jenny Davis

Section Chairs

Deana Rohlinger: 2018-2019

Wenhong Chen: 2017-2018

Jessie Daniels: 2016 – 2017

Andrea Tapia: 2015 – 2016

Laura Robinson: 2014-2015

Jennifer Earl: 2013-2014

Shelia R. Cotten: 2012-2013

Gina Neff: 2011-2012

Chris Nippert-Eng: 2010-2011

Gustavo Mesch: 2009-2010

Keith Hampton: 2007-2009

James Witte: 2005-2007

Barry Wellman: 2004-2005

George Dowdall: 2003-2004

David Elesh: 2002-2003

Ted Wagenaar: 2001-2002

James G. Anderson 2000-2001

Grant Blank: 1999-2000

William Feinberg: 1998-1999

Fred Halley: 1997-1998

Ed Brent: 1996-1997

Earl Babbie: 1995-1996

Kathleen Carley: 1994-1995

Robert Leik: 1993-1994

Williams Sims Bainbridge: 1992-1993

Michael Kearl: 1991-1992

David Heise:1990-1991

Ed Brent: 1989-1990

Ron Anderson: 1988-1989