CITASA Activities at ASA 2013 | New York, NY


4:30-7:00 PreASA ICT Marketing Panel


8:30 Social Construction of Technology

10:30 Open Topic on Communication, Technology and Society

2:30 Who’s Lonely Now? Examining the Impacts of Technology Use on Social Connections and  Relationships

2:30 Open Roundtables Table 26. Culture and Communication

4:30 CITASA Roundtable:

4:30 Medical Sociology Roundtable: Technology and Health

5:30 CITASA Business Meeting

6:30 Reception


8:30 Social Media and Social Inequalities

8:30 Sociology of Culture Roundtable: Producing Film

10:30 Section on Methodology Paper Session: Methods For Networks and Big Data

10:30 Collective Behavior: Media and Mobilization

10:30 Teaching and Learning Sociology with Technology

12:30 Digital Youth: Young People, New Media and Social Change

2:30 Knowledge Tools


2:30 Internet and Society 1

4:30 Internet and Society 2

4:30 Political Sociology Roundtable: Politics, Journalism, and the Media


8:30 Media Sociology

8:30 Orgs, Occs, and Work: Innovation and Diffusion

10:30 Media Sociology 2

















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