Emerald Studies in Media and Communication 

Sponsored by CITASA 

Initial Submissions Due: Monday, February 23, 2015 midnight GMT

By email to editorial@emeraldmediastudies.com

The 2015 Editorial Team of Emerald Studies in Media and Communication sponsored by CITASA is inviting submissions of original, unpublished papers for two volumes to be published in late 2015 and early 2016. The deadline for submissions is Monday February 23, 2015.

Volume 10: Digital Distinctions & Inequalities

We welcome submissions on any facet of digital inclusion, digital inequality, digital differentiation, and/or digital divides writ large. We are interested in these topics as they relate to any communication platform, populations, and kinds of production/consumption of digital media, information technologies, social inequalities, etc.

Volume 11: New Media Cultures 

We welcome submissions on any facet of culture and [new] media. Submissions may explore any aspect of culture, communication, and [new] media broadly defined. Themes that come to mind are the interplay between [new] media and any of the following: culture, communication, technology, convergence, the arts, cultural production, cultural change in the digital age—and of course anything else [new] media or communication or culture scholars find intriguing.

Please see emeraldmediastudies.com for more information about the calls, series, editors, guidelines, etc.
The series welcomes work from a variety of perspectives from media scholars working in the social sciences, humanities, and related fields such as media studies, information studies, STS, and communication. Submissions may be empirical, theoretical, methodological, or synthetic statements of significant developments in the field. Empirical submissions may make use of any method or approach. Contributions on a wide variety of topics on new media, ICTs, communication, and related themes are welcome from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Submission Overview

Submissions should be 6,000-12,000 words in length inclusive of abstract, references, and notes. British or American spelling may be used. While no special formatting is requested at the outset, upon acceptance authors must format their manuscripts in accordance with the series’ guidelines. Contributions will be peer-reviewed through editorial screening and anonymous refereeing by external reviewers. See submission guidelines for details.

For more information, please email: editorial@emeraldmediastudies.com.

We look forward to hearing from you—

2015 Editorial Team

Laura Robinson, Shelia Cotten, Jeremy Schulz, Tim Hale, Joy Hightower, & Apryl Williams

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